Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sleep Deprived Blueberries

Those blueberry plants I spoke of, produced (to date) twelve berries. They're tired... that little one, is just struggling to survive and the other one is wondering how weeds got to be as tall as he is, where the heck the pruning sheers are, and how come the to'maters get all the glory.

Okay. So we're not exactly Mo and Flo Farmer. We're city folk... we like the smell of exhaust in the morning. We like being able to reach out and touch our neighbors house. We like not knowing where our food comes from, dangit. *sigh*

Not really. We're just lazy and the weeds take over quicker the weed eater can keep up with them. (Yes. Brett took the weed eater to the garden. I know. You don't have to say a word.)

Anyway, I have big dreams for those plants... and their time will come. It will. But as I've said, I'm bound and determined to can, so we made an early morning trek to the the u-pick-it farm here in Northwest Missouri.

And see... this is why I take pictures. I honestly don't remember it looking this beautiful. Between some serious caffeine deprivation and trying to wield my picking-bucket, camera, kleenex, cellphone, and inhalers... I was a mess. Somebody should make something, that can easily carry all your necessities. You know, kind of like a bucket that hangs on your shoulder and thus, frees up ones hands, for other tasks. Huh.

We came home with about six cups of blueberries, ready to go to work!

And tomorrow? Tomorrow, I shall can!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And Now We Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

I mentioned several posts back (like, before I got sidetracked with my husband being in another country) that it was my desire, to can. The strawberries didn't exactly pan out, but the one berry that did appear, was freakishly pretty.

We divided it in fourths and each had a sample. And yes, by "we" I mean myself, my husband, and our two dogs. Shuffles (the bunny) doesn't like strawberries.

It was tasteless, and I lose interest pretty quickly.

So I moved on to blueberries.

Months ago we rescued a fledgling blueberry plant out of the belly of WalMart. I can't stand WalMart, so I don't even know why we were there... I think I went in for a musket and some toilet paper. Instead, I walked out, with the first season of Jersey Shore and a dying blueberry plant. Good times.

Then we got crazy and sprung for the high dollar bit, snagging this beauty.

And for my birthday, my dear sweet, ever encouraging husband... bought me this.

He has such faith in me, I can barely stand it. That, and he knows I need a hobby. Unemployment is not my friend, people. Nope. Not even a little bit.

So. Let the canning begin.