Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I was going to post this on Christmas Eve... but I just can't wait any longer!!! It's too funny!!! What's not to love about oversized heads on cartoonish bodies!

Merry Christmas!!From Brett and Trish! (Now, I realize there's not a speck of pumpkin in this post, but the snowman has an orange nose, and I'm hoping that will suffice. Cut the pumpkin lady some slack, will you? It's Christmas for the love of Pete!)

Giant Snowman - Cast 2

My Bretton... what a big snowman you have. (giggle, giggle, blush, blush)

Attack of the 50 foot Snowman - Cast 2

Hardy har! The snowman got you! All the presents are mine... all mine!!! (It must be because of my super cool shades, that I was able to escape the clutches of the oversized snowman.)

Yeti - Cast 2

All is well in the end, 'cause the Yeti has our backs. Hey! Watch were you put that hand, Mister Yeti-miester!

Ice Skaters - Cast 2

And all rejoiced with a fancy leap and spin around the ice! May you have a Merry Christmas... I mean winter... I mean holiday... I mean season of... oh forget it.

Have a lovely day, a BLESSED Christmas, and a delightful new year!!!


  1. That's an awfully flamboyant leap you are doing there Patricia! I'm glad you didn't stick Brett's face on that one(ha). :0) And Brett looks unusually happy considering he's about to get devoured by that toothy 30 foot snowman. Funny. Looking forward to seeing you all, I think Wednesday evening (?)... hopefully we will beat the nasty weather.

  2. My back hurts a bit. The Yedi doesn't seem to know how to handle her strength when she is excited. Yes the Yedi is female, please don't ask me how I know that... Merry Christmas everyone!