Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Almost Time...

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It's almost time...

...for October evenings spent de-stemming, chopping, baking, gutting, and pureeing pumpkins. Not one, not two... but multiple trash bags, filled to their breaking point... with tiny, perfect, pie pumpkins.
...for freezers that overflow with hope. And time spent cleaning up the containers that explode. And the magic act that is involved when you cram 30 cans worth of puree into an already full freezer.
...for chilly evenings made warm with the smells of nutmeg and ginger and cinnamon. And for eating my share of the pumpkin harvest.
...for buying pants that are a few sizes bigger than normal. And shirts.
...and for finding pumpkin puree under my cabinets and in my coffee maker and on top of my dogs head. And of course, in my ear.

Yep. It's almost time...

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  1. Yup... it is almost time. In fact, it's here NOW! Yikes! This is the first October in many, many years where I don't already have my Halloween theme either already done, or well under way. It's crazy. Right now, I got nothin. But I have a feeling it's crouched in the shadows somewhere in the garage, waiting till the last minute to come out and make itself known. I do some of my best work under pressure (ha). It's not worth much if my props are ready on November first. Good luck with the pumpkin... need a Q-tip? Brett should be sitting up to his chin in pumpkins and gourds right about now... right? Enjoy the season!