Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sugar Free Madness

I’ve done it. I’m sugar free.

Please ignore the insane sweating, grumpiness, and ever-so-subtle hand tremor. It’s like I’m kickin’ crack, over here. Not that I’ve ever had to kick crack. Really. Mom… you can breath again.

But I do have a serious addiction to sugar. My roommate from seminary used to threaten to buy me a sugar-lick for my Birthday. Don’t judge her; she couldn’t help it. She’s from Illinois. The only reference points she had in life, were corn and deer. (Yes, that’s deer. Not beer. Though, she probably knows a good lot about that too.) Anyway… that was ten years ago.

Today, I haven’t moved much beyond gummy bears. And jelly beans. And skittles. Oh, and smarties. Can’t forget how much I love Smarties. *sigh*

Chocolate is nice, but cake is better. Cake with frosting. Buttercream or creamcheese – it absolutely, doesn't matter.

And I always need ice cream. NEED. LIKE ALL CAPS, KIND OF NEED.

I can admit it now... things had really gotten out of hand.

My name is Trish, and I have a problem.

So “for Lent,” I gave up processed sugar. Which is hard. It’s the kind of hard, that makes a girl wanna curl up in the fetal position and sleep for days. Or cry. Or chew my nails. I don’t chew my nails, by the way. Too many germs. But I’m tempted… and that’s how hard it is. Or was. It's not so bad now.

Now I’ve only got three more days to go on my sugar-free journey (cause heaven forbid, I should continue on this Lent-induced health kick) and a small bowl of pumpkin puree left.

This small bowl of puree, is being saved. Saved for the most beautiful cake in the world, which I plan to make, for Easter Sunday (when the sugar free madness comes to an end).

So hang tight Pumpkin Lovers. And may this final week of Lent, be Holy and Blessed.

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  1. hi, my name is scotty...i'm a sugarholic

    I feel your pain sis...thank God for Easter. hopefully your easter baskets will last longer thaoun mine (or Zoe's for that matter...she really needs to hide her stash better)

    p.s. your blog is HiLARIOUS... plus your writing skill is so Sweet that i don't even bother to comment often: just doesn't match the caliber of the initial blog. Pure Sugar...that's what it is! ahhh... i gotta get a fix...where IS your niece's easter basket?