Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hope: An Advent Thought


It's such an easy word to say.

"I hope Santa can find me!"
"I hope I get a car!" 
"I hope I get asked to the prom." 
"I hope I don't get caught." 
"I hope I can find a job." 
"I hope you'll love me even when it's not easy." 
"I hope she doesn't die before I get the chance to say goodbye."
"I hope we have macaroni and cheese."
"I hope we can pay for it."
"I hope you know how much I love you."
"I hope..."

I say it a dozen times a day. So much so, that maybe it loses its meaning? 

But during this season of Advent, that word...hope...takes on a different, special, nearly tangible meaning.  It's as if it might sprout wings any minute and show the world how to fly.  It bids us to take deep breaths and yearn for the unexpected.  It calls us to Emmanuel - God With Us - and in that calling, expects us to be the embodiment of the holy, for another.  It ceases our weeping and gives us pause in our pain, so that we might touch wonder, if only for a brief second.


It's a big task.  A hefty word.  A delicate scent.  An overwhelming gift.

I hope you sense it this day....


  1. wow... you have had a flurry of blog posts! Impressive. I guess it's been a while since I've checked, but I was certain that I have clicked over here since we did the craft show. Hmmmmm I think you are somehow backdating your posts. Take one inspired day and fill in a whole months worth of thoughts. I'm on to you Missy (ha) Maybe I should try that. My blog has been collecting dust lately. I probably need to take a peek in there and see if I can do something with that. It's not like I haven't been doing anything.... just haven't felt like talking about it.

  2. Ha! Actually, I haven't back-dated anything...but I did do three posts in three days! So I guess I am sort of on a roll. Just needed a place to throw some of the photos that I wanna keep and a few Advent thoughts that aren't getting preached. xoxo